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“Feeling good” package

Relaxation & stress relief

“Feeling good” package

It’s no secret that practicing Pilates is good for your physical health, helping to strengthen and tone muscles.

The practice emphasizes breathing, focus, and mindfulness to help strengthen the bond between mind and body.

A focus on relaxation and stress reduction further helps to clear the mind and improve the mood.

“Yes all this is very good…”but I don`t have the time  – you think.


For this reason we make it more simple for you:

  • 25 minutes body activation

We create a program individual for you as everyone is different.

This is something that you can do any time and everywhere.


This package includes:


  • 25 minutes body activation (personal training)
  • Admission to our Mönchstein spa with outdoor Infinity pool (during the summer month) Jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath and relaxing area
  • Towles, bathrobe & bath slippers


Fee-based parking is available on site


EUR 100,00 per person


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