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Our Hotel Schloss Mönchstein*****s high above the roof-tops of Salzburg is the perfect wedding location. Whether big or small wedding festivities - we have the appropriate premises for you.

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Celebrate your wedding

Rent your Castle

Do you dream of a castle just for yourself? Rent the smallest luxurious hotel in Austria exclusively. Whether you celebrate your birthday, wedding, anniversary or business event - your fantasy has no limits.

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History of your castle hotel in Salzburg

Chronicles of your castle hotel in Salzburg

The velnerable walls of our Hotel Schloss Mönchstein*****s already speak volumes. Go on an exciting journey through time and have a look at the most important milestones in the history of our castle hotel in Salzburg.

1350  The "Mönchstein" was initially mentioned in a document as "Tower of Tetelheim".
1531  Virgil Fröschlmoser attached a house, stables, a barn and a chapel to the small castle. He also built a stone tower and shortly afterwards a cistern at the rock cone.
1622 The castle was sold to the monastery Mülln. "Archbishop Paris Lodron" ordered to build fortifications such as the gate "Monika", the Augustinian gate and a drawbridge.
1643 According to Philipp Harpf the Mönchstein was enlarged to a three-storey tower.
1654 The monastery St. Peter acquired the property for the "Educated Gentlemen Professors" for "recreation after hard mental work". In these days it was called "Castle of the professors".
1661 On the 3rd August the chapel was solemnly consecrated. The present tower room was used as astronomical observatory.
Already then the Mönchstein has been famous amongst famous people ... Catherine the Great for example thanked the hosts for their hospitality and gave them a belt ribbon, the Princess of Liechtenstein had "her own stone bench at the garden shed to overview Salzburg", and the poet Alexander von Humboldt wrote a passionate paper about this "piece of paradise" in the city of Mozart.
The banker Leitner had a street built up the Mönchsberg which goes from Mülln to the station of his own built electric elevator. This elevator was ...
... then purchased by the township and existed until after the Second World War. Only then the elevator "Mönchsberg" was relocated into the inside of the rock.
The castle was extended significantly.
The castle was converted into a hotel.
The family von Mierka purchased the property and re-built it to Salzburg's only 5-star-hotel-castle.
Dr. Klaus Besser affiliated the "Mönchstein" into the circle of "The 100 best country hotels in Europe".
The hotel was awarded with the Grand Award "Most charming city hotel of the world" by "Hideaway Report".
The hotel was awarded with the "American Gold Star for Quality" by the B.I.D. - USA.
Festive opening of the "Wedding Wall of Salzburg" and 3 years later of the "Castle Baptismal Register".
The castle-restaurant "PARIS LODRON" has received "2 toques by Gault Millau" and consequently is the best restaurant of Salzburg.
The 500th wedding couple got married in the castle chapel.
HOTEL SCHLOSS MÖNCHSTEIN SALZBURG***** becomes founding member of the European Hotel Castles.
Opening of the "Mönchstein Panorama Path", which leads to the elevator Mönchsberg-Historic Town.
The hotel was renovated and enlarged with much love for details and proper esteem for the tradition-rich castle. In time for the Salzburg Festival the hotel shone in new splendour and was festively opened.
The hotel was awarded with the "Star Award" of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber - Association of Hotels 2004.
Dr. Hans Peter Wild purchased the hotel.
Renovation of the rooms and the restaurant, building of the wellness area.
The Association of Hotels has selected the hotel as the first superior hotel in Salzburg.
Since January 2011 you can have a civil marriage at the Hotel Schloss Mönchstein*****s.
Beginning of extension building works
Revitalisation of the villa Haerdtl, building of the Mönchstein SAAL and the outdoor infinty pool
15th May 2014: Re-opening with fantastic new facilities such as the outdoor infinity pool and the brand new terrace
Postcard - Hotel Schloss Mönchstein
Postcard backside - Hotel Schloss Mönchstein
Historic view 1- Hotel Schloss Mönchstein
Historic view 2 - Hotel Schloss Mönchstein
Historic view 3 - Hotel Schloss Mönchstein