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Storia del castello Hotel Schloss Mönchstein*****s

1350 -

"The Mönchstein" is first mentioned in a document for the first time as "Tetelheimer Turm".

1531 -

Virgil Fröschlmoser adds a "Meyerhaus", stables, houses and a chapel to the castle. He also erects a tower at the top of the cliffs and later adds a cistern.

1622 -

The castle is sold to the Muelln monastery. Archbishop Paris Lodron commissions fortifications such as the Monica and Augustine gates and a drawbridge. 

1643 -

The Mönchstein is added to making it a three-storey tower according to Philip Harpt.

1654 -

The St. Peter foundation acquires the property for the "learned professors" for them to recuperate from "their heavy cerebral labours". It was the called the Professor's Castle.

1661 -

On the third of August the chapel is ceremonially inaugurated. The modern tower room is used as an astronomy observatory.

1815 -

The Mönchstein was a famous monument even then. Catherina the great thanked the resident owner for his hospitality by presenting him with a garter as a mark of esteem. The duchess of Liechtenstein had a stone bench giving her a panoramic view of Salzburg near the summer house and the poet Alexander von Humboldt wrote enthusiastically of this "piece of paradise" in Mozart's hometown.

1887 -

The banker Leitner has a road build from Muelln to the station of an electric lift be installed on the Mönchsberg. The lift was acquired ...

1895 -

by the city and lasted until after the last war. Only then was it moved to the interior of the cliff.

1919 -

The castle is being extended.

1948 -

The castle is converted into a hotel.

1956 -

Baron von Mierka acquires the property and converts it into Salzburg's sole 5-star castle hotel.

1984 -

Dr. Klaus Besser includes the Mönchstein in the list of Europe's 100 best rural hotels.

1986 -

The "Hideaway Report" wards its Grand Award to "the world's best city hotel", Hotel Schloss Mönchstein.

1986 -

The hotel is awarded the "American Gold Star for Quality" by the B.I.D. - USA.

1989 -

Hotel Schloss Mönchstein becomes a member of "Relais & Châteaux" - the world's most beautiful hotel-chain".

1988 -

Hotel Schloss Mönchstein becomes a member of "Relais & Châteaux" - the world's most beautiful hotel-chain".

1989 -

Ceremonial opening of the "Salzburger Hochzeitswand" (a wall on which every marriage is noticed), followed three year's later by the "Schloss Taufregister" (christening register).

1995 -

The 500th couple ceremonially wed in the castle chapel.

1996 -

Hotel Schloss Mönchstein becomes founder member of the "European Castle Hotels" chain.

1997 -

Opening the Mönchstein Panorama Path leading to the Mönchsberg-Altstadt lift.

2003 -

In mid-June this unique hotel will ceremonially re-open in renovated splendour.

2004 -

Awarded with the Star Award of the Austrian Chamber of Economy - Professional Association for the Hotel industry.

2005 -

New ownership: Dr. Hans Peter Wild.

2008 -

Restauro delle camere, ampliamento del ristorante, edificazione di un centro benessere

2010 -

L’associazione albergatori austriaca elegge l’hotel, per la prima volta in tutto il Salisburghese, con l’aggettivo di “superiore”.

2011 -

Da gennaio 2011 nell’Hotel Schloss Mönchstein*****s è possibile sposarsi civilmente.

2013 -

Inizio dei vasti lavori di ampliamento.
Rivitalizzazione dell’Haerdtl Villa, costruzione della sala Mönchstein e della piscina esterna riscaldata Infinity.

2014 -

Riapertura il 15 maggio 2014 con fantastiche novità, come la piscina esterna Infinity & la terrazza nuova di zecca.

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Pacchetto Suite Romantic

2 pernottamenti con 1 coppa di champagne rosé, prenotazione esclusiva del PIÚ PICCOLO RISTORANTE DEL MONDO, etc.
da € 815,- a persona in una junior suite

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Lazy Sunday allo Schloss Mönchstein

1 pernottamento con delicata colazione del castello, accesso alla zona SPA, etc.
da € 205,- a persona in camera doppia

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Pacchetto Sound of Music

2 pernottamento all’HOTEL SCHLOSS MÖNCHSTEIN*****s, 1 gita Sound of Music, ca. 4 ore 
da € 455,- a persona e pernottamento in camera doppia

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