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HYPOXI Trainer S-120 at the Hotel Schloss Mönchstein*****s

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Eye-Catchers Instead of Problem Zones

Targeted body forming instead of useless back-breaking!  

The struggle against stubborn fat deposits around the classic problem areas of the tummy, legs and bottom has been a losing battle for a long time.  Figure problems are often dependant on body type and often neither sport nor dieting can get them under control.

Many who try to eliminate their problem areas with jogging and dieting are rapidly demotivated: some effects do appear – unfortunately just in the wrong places.  You can see the weight loss around the face, bust and upper arms, however the fatty cushions on the bottom and legs, and with it the cellulite, remain.

Hypoxi has finally got the solution – with a simple, natural and sustainable therapy!

HYPOXI therapy targets these body-type specific stubborn fat deposits.  The innovative combination of alternate pressure with moderate endurance training brings about the long awaited success.  The blood flow in the problem areas is sustainably increased and, with it, the metabolism is stimulated.  The fatty acids are now removed from the bloodstream more efficiently and burnt off in the working skeletal muscles.

Legs and buttocks indeed become more muscular through spinning and cycling, but not slimmer.  The difference in blood circulation in the different regions of the body is responsible for this.

With the HYPOXI trainer S120, the thigh and bottom will be helped regain a wonderful shape.  The effects of the HYPOXI trainer S120 are directly orientated towards the fat deposits of the lower body.  Thus the catabolism of the fat takes place right at the problem areas.  Legs become slim and tight and the bottom, firm.  The results can be even visible after a few treatments!

Single treatment 

€ 36,-

10 sessions 

€ 310,-

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